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How window films can benefit your office.

Architectural Window Film Uses and Benefits

  • Climate and Energy Control – Window film significantly reduces solar heat gain through windows allowing a space to maintain its internal temperature and eliminating hot spots. Hot spots are temperature inconstancies between one part of a building and another and are relatively common. The energy savings also results in reduced HVAC equipment wear and maintenance.

  • Fade Mitigation – By blocking damaging ultraviolet rays streaming through the office windows, architectural window film protects valuable furnishings such as carpets, furniture, and artwork from fade damage.

  • Reduce Glare – Annoying glare can also be controlled through the use of window film. Window films are a popular choice in many office buildings where certain areas of the space are prone to strong glare from the sun making it uncomfortable to work or relax.

  • Updated Aesthetics – Buildings with dated looking windows can benefit from window film. The installation of film is an inexpensive and easy way to improve the overall aesthetics of a building.

  • Cost Effective Decorative Options – Decorative window films allow easy retrofit of existing glass with an array of patterns to compliment any décor. With decorative film the distinctive look of etched glass can be achieved at a fraction of the cost of actual etched glass. The designer films also allow private, interior glass spaces to be created while still welcoming in light.

  • Upgraded Safety & Security – Safety and security window film products protect a building’s occupants from the hazards of flying glass by holding glass shards in place in the event of a window breaking, preventing serious injuries. They can also improve building safety by increasing the intrusion resistance of a glass door or window.

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