You spend a lot of day in your vehicle either as a driver or passenger, so why not be comfortable? In our hot climate, tinting our car windows and windscreens is almost compulsory to protect ourselves from excessive heat and UV exposure while driving. But not all car tinting films are the same! Even with some tinting films, you could still suffer:

  • Fading of interior surfaces

  • Cracking of leather seats

  • Excessive glare, making driving difficult or dangerous

  • Excessive glare can even damage eyes over time

  • Uncomfortably hot from the sun’s heat

  • Skin burning under the sun’s rays

TICGARD® Automotive Tinting Films are manufactured with the most advanced Nanotechnology. Made with the highest quality UV blocking materials in the world, TICGARD® Automotive Window Tinting Films provide UV 410 protection & filter up to 100% of the sun’s UV radiation.