Most modern home and commercial premises have large floor to ceiling windows. These offer fantastic views and create a great corporate image, but it also lets in excessive heat and UV radiation exposure. This creates problems such as:

  • Fading of laminate or other types of flooring

  • Damage to natural wood flooring

  • Fading of fabric or wood furniture and fittings

  • Cracking of leather sofa

  • Excessive glare that damage eyes

  • Uncomfortably hot from the sun’s heat

All of the wear and tear from the sun causes financial losses. What’s worse, you have to incur more costs to install to block out the sun’s glare and to turn up the air-conditioning to fight the heat! But having curtains will unnecessarily block the views, which defeat the purpose of having the large windows, especially if you have a retail outlet.

TICGARD® Architecture Window Films have been developed through years of research. Today TICGARD® Films are manufactured using First Grade Material & Most Advanced Nanotechnology to the highest specifications.